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does anyone still use livejournal? Just wondering, really. Looks very much like a ghost town around here. My friends feed consists of 2 old posts that are both unrelated advertisements in what used to be sports themed blogs (in russian, I think).

Mouseketeer roll call? Not that it much matters, it's not like I've been here in a few years myself. Perhaps I should clean house and clear out some of the old paid posts...
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What to do?

Debating what to do with this blog. Clearly it's been a long time since I updated it. Mostly since I have a self hosted one at http://www.wiccania.com/blog

So what to do with this one? That's the question. I'd kinda like to use it for something interesting, rather than let it just languish here... It was, after all, my first blog.

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ah yes... here we are...

So, Gage and I have moved to New Jersey. At least for a little while. I’m gonna get into school and get myself a marketable skill so that when we go back to Colorado there will be some employment options for me. That would be a good thing. I’m also gonna work on acquiring a vehicle. Nothing perfect, but definitely something that would be able to handle the drive out there. Preferably without blowouts or an emergency transmission rebuild. Although that particular trip WAS an adventure, it’s not an adventure I’d be interested in re-living without the previous company. It just wouldn’t be the same. Especially if I have that kind of adventure with a small child along for the ride.

Being back in Jersey is rather surreal. So much is different, and yet the same. Apparently the grocery store has been 3 or 4 different stores since I was last here. Now it’s a shoprite. I dunno what all it was before that besides an IGA. The Peking Wok is still there, so my favorite place for scallion pancakes is still about. Excellent. There used to be a chinese place near here in another strip mall that I go delivery from all the time. They had no minimum order. I actually ordered 1 egg roll once, just to see if they’d deliver it. They did. And it was SO good. One of the best egg rolls I’ve ever had. I haven’t called anyone local yet, but we’ve only been here since Saturday evening. The flight was… interesting. I’ll post about that later though. Not in the mood to get into the details at the moment.
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Thanksgiving was ok. Lots of food for one person to eat. Gage didn't touch a bite of Thanksgiving food. No, that's not right, he did TOUCH the cranberry sauce. He just didn't eat it. It was more of a "what exactly is this mom?" touch. Not a "I think I'll give this a try" touch. At the moment he's laying on the floor in a pile of pillows and rearranging the CDs. Nice. I didn't alphabetize them or anything. Didn't want them to be in any particular order...

So I've just watched the Avs lose to Calgary. It wasn't thrilling, to say the least. It's a shame I missed much of the pre-game show. Apparently there was a bit of an on-ice scuffle before the game even started. They showed a little of it during the 1st intermission, but not enough to see what might have caused it. I'm rather curious.

Gage has piled up the pillows from his bed, my bed and one of the couch cushions on the floor (the aforementioned pile of pillows). He's relaxing in the pile at the moment. It looks comfy, maybe I'll join him in a few minutes, LOL.

Joe would dig that...

When Joe and my mom first got together, the basement of the townhouse we lived in contained 2 or 3 rolling tool cabinets. Seriously, this is a man who loves his tools. Every tool had his name engraved on it. Not etched on crudely with some random tool, actually engraved. He either spent the money when he bought them to have them engraved, or he knew someone who could do engraving at home and had them do it. Either way -- he loves his tools. My younger sister and I got him a new toolkit, the ones they sell at Sears at the holidays, for the holidays 3 or 4 years in a row and he loved them. He didn't pretend to love them, he genuinely loved these toolkits. I'd love to be able to get him a brand new, custom took cabinet for their new place sometime. I think that would be the perfect gift for him.

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