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we have snow...

It’s really not much. Nothing to write home about, as they say. But it’s still snowing lightly. Who knows if it’ll get heavier or if it’ll just stay really light. I noticed it was snowing last night when I went out for a cigarette before bed. It wasn’t sticking anywhere except on top of cars and things like that. The ground was too warm for it to stay. The cement is still too warm for it to stick to, but it’s sticking everywhere else. Gage was enjoying stomping through the yard a little while ago. It took clever coaxing and Star Wars to get him back inside. Tiger wasn’t particularly fond of the coldness on his paws, but he was having fun running around and kicking up the little bit that’s on the ground. I’d say we’ve got about 2 inches give or take half an inch.

I need to go to the grocery store. I’m not looking forward to that. For one, people go a little weird when it snows as far as groceries are concerned. Gotta have their milk, eggs and bread, you know? Think these people are feasting on french toast during snow storms? I’ve always wondered about that. Milk eggs and bread? Why? If the power goes out you can’t do anything with the eggs. Milk and bread are nice, but doesn’t it make more sense to get bread, mustard and lunch meat? You know, something you can eat without cooking. Just in case you lose power. Of course our stove is gas, so even if we lose power, I can cook. I just have to light the burner manually. Oh yes, the second reason for not looking forward to the grocery store… Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Everyone is rushing around to get the stuff that they forgot to pick up earlier. Someone forgot the cranberries. Someone else is in desperate need of some turkey size oven bags. There’s probably someone out there who decided at the 11th hour that they want to make ham instead of turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, and while we’re at it, let’s do the bread from scratch and bake a pecan pie instead of pumpkin.
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Let it snow (x3)

It's supposed to snow later today. I kind of look forward to it. Gage will certainly like it. He absolutely loves the snow. Tiger will probably enjoy it to a degree, but he gets so cold. Poor puppy's got no body fat and he's not a fluffy long haired dog with lots of fur to keep him warm. I've noticed that he gets all shivery as soon as he gets outside on a cold day. As much as I loathe putting clothing on dogs, there are times in the winter that I wish I had a coat for him, and maybe something to cover his paws when it snows. I know, I'm a freak.

Another plus of the whole snow thing is exercise. Assuming it sticks and doesn't melt 20 minutes later, I can get some good exercise shoveling. I've been so stressed the past few months that I haven't paid much attention to diet and exercise, even though I was trying to lose weight. I doubt I've lost much since May or so. Stress and lack of funds haven't helped me eat very well.

So, I signed up for a site called grocery game and looked over the list of current sales for my local store and compared them with the coupons that I've got. Looking at the site, I can definitely see how people manage to buy $100 worth of groceries for 50 cents. I know part of it is that those people are never buying fresh produce or meat. But if I can get all the "prepackaged" stuff I need for just a few dollars, I can spend more on fresh produce and meat. It would be a win-win situation.
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bring your coo-puns

If you got that... well you're as big a dork for Ron White as I am.

Actually, I was sorting coupons about 15 minutes ago. I'm not done. I need to get an organizer for them. One with a few sections I can customize. I always have a few coupons when I go to the store that I plan to use that day, usually because it's something that I use regularly. Having a section to put those into would be good. Along with somewhere to put the ones that I "might" use that trip.

Gage is being very cute today. He's reading his "I Spy" book. I'm not sure if he's actually reading it or if he's memorized parts of it. But he's on the floor with one of the couch cushions looking at the book and saying "I spy..." and saying what some of the stuff in the book is. It's incredibly cute.

I need to go to the grocery store. I needs to get me a turkey and stuff. Of course, I also needs to find me a couple thou just lying around, LOL.

Start spreading the news...

My best friend might be moving to New York next year. Her boyfriend is transferring to a different college, and one in NY is his first choice. Wherever he goes, she's going with him. Most likely they'll find something to rent while he's in school, but I have a feeling that Carrie's going to fall in love with New York and they'll be looking for a permanent home. While I doubt that when the time comes they'll be looking at North Fork real estate properties, I have no doubt that can help them find something wherever they're looking. The site even has listings in the city for rentals -- which is nice. Once they find out if the transfer to NY is going through, I'm gonna send her the link. They can get an idea of what to expect, at the very least.

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it sank. people died. it was expected.

So I'm watching Titanic on TNT. No real reason, it's just on and I wanted some background noise while I did some cross stitch. It got me thinking... when the movie came out in theaters, my sister and my friend Mare went to see it several times. They came to visit me in Virginia and took me to see it. I didn't cry at the end. The boat sank, people died. I expected that. It's how history happened. Jack died. I expected that, too. He was in the water. I didn't cry. They said that I was a heartless bitch. They were only half serious, of course. Watching it now, I'm again not crying. There are some movies that make me bawl no matter how many times I see them. Mr. Holland's Opus... waterworks as soon as he walks into that rally honoring him... it never fails. Titanic. Nope. No tears. No, that's wrong. There was one time that I got teary eyed. The only time Woody and I watched the movie together. We were cuddled up on the couch and I was pregnant. Maybe it was the hormones.
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a bit of the random...

So, I got some cross stitch kits from someone on one of the boards I'm on. She wasn't planning on doing them, so she sent them to me. Would it be unethical if I do the cross stitch and then sell the finished products? I've done a couple of other kits I got already. Ornaments. I haven't done cross stitch in years, and I've never tackled a project as big as the two I have left, but I'm enjoying the challenge. Believe it or not, the person who taught me to do it was a guy I dated in high school. I thought it was funny as hell the first time I saw him doing it. I mean, cross stitch? A teenage boy? I have to admit that it's quite relaxing though, and passes the time nicely. The two projects I have left (one that I'm working on now) are both holiday patterns. One's a banner with some snowmen that says "Snow place like home for the holidays" and the other is a cabin in a woody area with snow all around. I'm a little nervous about that one. It looks pretty intense. but it'll be fun to do. Gage has started picking it up when I put it down and trying to do it himself. So I got some extra fabric and put it in a hoop for him to play with. He did a cute little bit of just putting the thread through back and forth. I just have to figure out what to do with it. Maybe I'll stitch on some backing and make a little pillow.

Anyhoo... There's not a lot going on today. Got some cleaning done, did some cross stitch, read a little bit. I'm getting woefully low on the TBR pile. Actually, I think I'm out of new reading material. Alas, I'm down to 2 credits on paperbackswap, so I'm looking for a good 3 for 1 deal. There are always deals, but they don't always apply to books that I'm interested in reading.

I'm waiting to hear back from Alpine Access on rescheduling my interview. Hopefully I'll be able to get an interview soon and get the job and start working and all that good stuff. I bought a headset on ebay so I can be prepared and not have to wait a week or two before I can start. I have to find my list of other call center from home companies and apply with them as well though... improve my chances.

Holiday Savings

Some folks on one of the boards I'm on have been posting various links to sites to help save money on holiday shopping. Among them were several recommendations for sites like NCNatural Coupons, which has a selection of online coupons for use at e-retailers all over the internet. NCNatural's page is one of the easiest to navigate and is updated every day. The codes are for obscure retailers either, you can find savings for anything from Amazon to Hickory Farms, and a bunch of places in between. A nice little discount on the perfect gifts and you don't have to leave the house at 4 in the morning to get them.

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Gage says the darndest things...

Ok, I just have to post about this stuff... Gage is adorable (I'm sure I've mentioned that), but even more so while he's discovering language and trying to talk more. Much of what he says is repetition, but sometimes he babbles on and on and I just KNOW he's trying to tell me something. Lately he's taken to trying to get me to repeat after him. I'm doing it, because maybe if I say what he's saying it'll start to make sense. If I can understand what he's trying to say, maybe I can correct the way he's saying it and then we'll be on the road to better communication.

Anyhoo... Gage likes to count. He'll sit there and count to 30 over and over again. one... two... three... through the single digits to the teens, fourteen... fifteen... sixteen... and into the twenties, where it cracks me up, twenty seven... twenty eight... twenty nine...

twenty ten.

I don't know where he gets it. He's said thirty before. As a matter of fact, I've heard him count as high as thirty five. Maybe he got it from one of his classmates. I dunno, but it makes me giggle (although I DO correct him).

Today he repeated some phrases from one of his sign language DVDs, descriptionss of the signs to help remember how to do the sign. The first one was milk. To sign the word milk, hold your hand in front of you and squeeze. Like you're squeezing an udder, get it? Milk. The description is "Like squeezing milk from a cow." Gage was signing milk and said "like squeaking milk from a cow." That brought a good giggle.

Later he was doing the same thing with monkey. To sign monkey, well... it's basically the monkey imitation we all did as kids. Both hands making a "scratching" motion under the arms. The description is "like a monkey scratching himself." Gage signs it great, but when he repeats the description it comes out "like a monkey crapping himself." Yes, it's stupid potty humor and I should be ashamed, but I laughed for about 20 minutes the first time he said that.

Cute, no? He certainly makes every day interesting. But at least he's trying, even the lady at Conoco commented last time we were in that since he's started school he seems more extroverted than he was over the summer. Of course he was standing there babbling at her while he was trying to decide which color bag of Skittles he wanted.

Halloween picture...

Halloween pictureHere's the picture of Gage from Halloween. It was taken post trick or treat, since he wouldn't hold still for a picture before we went trick or treating. Cute, no? Not too bad for a costume made with no pattern. I think it came out pretty good, and he made an adorable little bat. Maybe next year I can dress him up as a character from Star Wars -- since he seems to love it so much. Of course that could change by next year... still, the tentative plan for next year is Luke Skywalker or Han Solo or something along those lines. He's already got a light saber.
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Teddy bears and other babbling...

Noah's Ark Animal Workshop is doing a "design a bear" contest. The grand prize is to have your design go into production, available at NAAW with a portion of the proceeds going to a charity. 1st prize is a prototype of your bear and a $500 savings bond. It's kind of interesting. I'm entering, since reps are allowed to enter. I have a couple of ideas that I think would be really cute. If anyone here wants to enter (or have their kids enter), I can email the entry form to you. I might give Gage a form to color on as well... who knows, he might do something brilliant. He's done some pretty creative things before.

I'm very much enjoying the hockey season so far. The Avs aren't doing too badly. Had a little trouble on the road at first, but they're getting it.

The cats are acting strange lately. They're extremely affectionate. Which is nice, but occasionally annoying. I don't want to have them begging for affection while I'm going to the bathroom, for example. It's sweet, don't get me wrong. But damn. They're also having some interesting nights with the weather changing. It gets cold and then it's warm again and all that. And they flip out every time the weather changes. They also keep trying to go outside. If I'm outside or if Gage is outside I let them on the porch. They like to lay in the sun when it's shining.