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the holy temple of izzard

cake or death?

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22 January 1976
i'm 31. wow. i'm old. not really. age is a state of mind, i choose to be 21 forever... maybe 25. what would you like to know about me? i'm a mom, a wife, a singer, a writer... there are lots of things i love. lots of things i'm not so fond of (like my 4 yr old sticking his fingers in my tea *grumble grumble*). i write whatever i want in this journal, so don't bother commenting to bitch about something you don't like that i posted. it's a waste of your time and mine. yes, i do know how to use a shift key when i type. i choose not to. if you don't like it, go fuck yourself, it's my journal.

anonymous posting is allowed, but your ip will be logged. and if i decide i want to, i will look up any and all information i can based on that ip... and post it. if i know who you are and your post bothers me, especially if it's meant to be rude, i'll call you out. by that i mean i will post any information i have about you (email address, lj url, myspace url, cell phone #, etc). you've been warned.

visit fellow PPPers: http://kikifitz.livejournal.com/ (Fitzsimmons Family Adventures) and http://thesynergizer.livejournal.com/ (miss kitty fantastico).

visit my website, you might learn something you never knew you never knew.

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